The Importance of Testimonial Videos for the Reputation of Your Brand 

The Importance of Testimonial Videos for the Reputation of Your Brand 

A testimonial video is simply a video of your customers or clients speaking about their experience with your product/service and how it made their lives easier. Why are these videos such a big deal these days? Well, it’s a no brainer, even though you know every little detail of your product, the customer would prefer to hear about it from someone without bias and that’s why testimonial videos are making headlines these days. Read on to know how testimonial videos can be great for your business. 

Build Trust and Credibility

It’s something you must have come across a lot but that’s because building trust and credibility among your customers is one of the major benefits of testimonial videos. Think about it, ever since we’ve familiarized ourselves with the online world, how has our shopping journey changed? We could be buying a product online or offline but the first thing we do is look up the reviews of the product. How many times have you stood in the mall and looked up a product which is not testable? 

This is exactly what testimonial videos do. It creates a sense of trust among people. They see the real product and its functions or the service and its experience, and they hear it from the people who have already used the product, not from the brand who’s trying to market the product.

Social Proof

Do you know why big brands pay so much to have celebrities promote their brand? It’s because when we see the ad it gives us the sense of “if they’re doing it, I should too”, or “if it’s good for them, it’s good for me”. This is known as social proof. 

Testimonial videos are also a type of social proof, except for the insane budget that’s needed for the big celebrities. According to research, 95% of people say that reviews whether positive or negative, Influence their purchasing decisions. So when you have a testimonial video on your website or social media channels, it acts as social proof for customers and prospective customers, and it Influences them more to purchase your product/service. 

Increase Conversion 

According to research customers who read reviews are 58% more likely to convert and 50 or more reviews can generate a 4.6% increase in the conversion rate. Do you need more convincing? 

When customers come across a positive testimonial they’re more likely to buy that product. The logic is simple, as a brand you will never speak badly about your products but customers aren’t obliged to the same. So when a potential customer comes across a positive review their faith in your brand increases which increases their chances of making the purchase. 

An Excellent Marketing Tool 

It’s no secret that video marketing is one of the most efficient forms of marketing, testimonial videos can work just as efficiently for your brand. In a testimonial video, there are people who have already used your product speaking about their experience and how it influenced their lives. When your customers come across this video not only their faith in the brand and product increase, they also get so much more additional information about the product from the user’s point of view. 

Now you can use this video in multiple ways. It could be on your website, on your social media channels, marketing campaigns, email newsletters, blog/case studies, dedicated testimonial pages, and so on. The possibilities are endless.  

If you’re planning to make testimonial videos for your brand, don’t think twice about it. Videos a great marketing tool and testimonials are a great way to increase the chances of the customers making the purchase.