Employee roles are expected to continue evolving, and a large number of people will need to learn new skills to remain employable. Unsurprisingly, so do the learning and development content and strategies. Corporate learning must undergo revolutionary changes to keep pace with the constant technological advances. In addition to renewing the learning content, organizations also need to increase their focus on blended learning and the use of modern learning methods, like Phygital Learning Methods – use of AI and VR technologies connecting the physical work and digital training. The blend of user-friendly digital-learning platforms allows employees to take control of their professional development by logging in and taking the course as per need rather than waiting for a scheduled classroom session.


Why do you need updated L&D content?

L&D content covers all the stages of an employee’s journey, from hire to retire. The learning function of an organization has a strategic role in – attracting and retaining the right talent, induction, departmental growth, upskilling, value-based learning, and motivation.


How does Nextdot help you?

Along with their expertise and years of experience, we at Nextdot apply the latest tools and technologies in creating L&D content for your organization to make the acquisition of knowledge more:


Effective -

L&D content is required to help the employees learn and enhance their skills, and we make the content effective enough to achieve the learning objectives.

Efficient -

We create content which handshakes with your LMS, therefore making the journey of the user smooth and efficient.

Appealing -

The presentation of content makes a lot of difference in how the audience receives it. We make the L&D content easy to grasp and appealing for the employees. 

Experiential -

The best way to retain knowledge is to make the learning process an engaging experience. We make your L&D content engaging and make the learning process a good experience for your employees. 

L&D services

Mobile Learning -

Smartphones have become an integral part of the workspace, and a shift has been noticed towards mobile learning. We create L&D content compatible with the smaller screens of mobile phones. However, smartphones can be used better for quick learning and we help you leverage that by creating bite-sized content for the employees. This type of content is short, easy to access and understand, and helps employees with quick learning.

Online Assessment Platforms -

Online assessment platforms consist of all the tools that are required to conduct the examination, manage results, test domain-specific knowledge, various abilities, and characteristics in the potential employees and candidates. We create such platforms for you with not only the above-mentioned tools but also the adaptability to multiple devices.

Vernacular -

With the organization’s footprints across the globe, to cater to the needs of employees and customers in different regions, the organization needs to speak the local language. We fulfill these needs and localize the L&D content for you. Localizing the content isn’t just about changing the language, it is important that the core message isn’t lost during translation, and we ensure true localization of the content with the help of our network of language experts.

Instructional Design-

Instructional design is the creation of L&D content in a manner that results in the acquisition and application of knowledge skills. Nextdot’s knowledge-centric instructional design services allow us to create content that is engaging and meets learning objectives. We assess the needs, formulate a learning experience design, develop content, and measure their effectiveness.

A Good L&D vertical attracts great manpower

Like we mentioned earlier, L&D comes into play right from the hiring of personnel. With the help of good L&D, an organization can successfully attract great manpower, retain them, and help them hone their skills to achieve the organizational goals.