The content might be looked at as a means for entertainment by the audience but for big brands like you, content isn’t just a means to entertain your audience, rather it’s the effort to stay relevant to the audience. The fast-paced world we live in has us fighting to stay relevant and this is has generated a content war, not just among the competitors but also the consumers. GB of data is uploaded regularly and channeled to the audience through different mediums, and to stay on top of the content war you need a 24/7 content command center keeping a watch on your bases.

What is a Content Command Center?

A content command center is a 24*7 service that keeps a real-time track of the marketing efforts of your competitors to always keep you on the top of the chain. Not just that, a content command center also has an eye on your audience to track the type of content they’re consuming. This allows identifying the content needs for your brand to maintain relevance among your audience. 

Content Command Center

Who needs a content command center?

A content command center is only for brands that have a continuous demand for very high volume content. For example industries like FMCG, health care and pharmaceuticals, insurance, IT, e-commerce, etc. Such industries require a customized solution to maintain a steady stream of high volume quality content and meet the deadlines. 

How do we do it?

Nextdot’s content command centers are making enterprises ready for the content war by taking control of the frontline on the battlefield. We fight this war for you in four simple steps – we ideate, create, validate, and handshake content for you.


Ideate- Our CCC not only monitors your audience but also the competitors to formulate successful strategies to meet your content needs that fulfill your business goals. 


Create- The next step for Nextdot CCC is to create a steady stream of high-quality content for you and maintain this stream endlessly. 


Validate- High-quantity content doesn’t mean a lack in quality, Nextdot’s CCC has an internal team for quality check and assurance before the content comes to you for approval.


Handshake- The audience is on different platforms, and each platform requires a different format of content. Nextdot’s CCC provides you the content which works with your platform’s requirements.