Hiring an agency isn’t always the right choice:

It’s a bold claim coming from an agency itself, but we stand by it. Hiring an agency for your marketing needs isn’t always the right choice, especially for new businesses, getting marketing consulting and training could be the game-changer. 

Why does my business need a consulting partner in digital marketing when I can hire an agency at a similar price? 

Well, this is a perfectly reasonable question. You can certainly hire an agency that would completely take over your marketing needs in a similar budget as you’d find a consulting partner. But another important question that often never pops is “will that agency give me the same result”?

Finding the right agency can be a tricky business, and finding the one who understands your goals and gives you result-oriented solutions, even more difficult. Well, there are certainly a lot of good agencies out there meeting the criteria but hardly any that fits the budget. 

This is where a digital marketing consulting and training program could be the saving grace that you’ve been looking for, for the longest time. 

Cosulting & Training2

Here are the types of consulting and training services you can avail from team Nextdot:  

Start-up and MSME Training

It could be a real battle for a lot of businesses to find the balance between what you need an in-house marketing team for and what should be outsourced. 

Start-ups and MSMEs have in-build marketing teams but they often lack the expertise required to guide the marketing teams to bring in results from their efforts. Instead of wasting time and resources by the method of hit and trial, it’s a wiser choice to provide the required training. 

We’ve turned our experience in the field of marketing after working with more than 100 MSMEs and start-ups into well-planned and easy to consume modules to provide comprehensive training for long-term processes like search marketing, google ads, online reputation management, etc. 

In simpler words, we’ll help your team hit the targets that they’ve been missing on their own.

Custom training

It could be a real battle for a lot of businesses to find the balance between what you need an in-house marketing team for and what should be outsourced. 

With our custom training program, we can help you churn out the best results from your in-house team while minimizing your outsourcing. We prepare a training module customized to the marketing needs of your business, which includes learning modules for your in-house team, guidance on what should be outsourced, how to minimize your outsourcing, how to get the best possible results with limited resources, and most importantly a 12 months marketing plan for your business.  

Digital Marketing Advisory

When the theoretical knowledge is combined with practical experience, the results are unmatched. If you have a team that understands the know-how of digital marketing but lacks the knowledge that only comes with experience, we have the perfect opportunity for you. 

Ride on our experience of decades and get the predicted journey along with advisory on how to deal with them. Learn from us what can the best possible journey for your business, with an easy guide to jump the hurdles of marketing.