“We live in the era of content”, this statement might be becoming old but its relevance increases more every day. With the internet becoming mainstream, came social media and other multiple platforms at our disposal which gave birth to a content monster that can never have enough, therefore skyrocketing the demand for content. Don’t believe us? Did you know that Facebook users watch about 100 million hours of video content per day? Or one hundred hours of video is uploaded on YouTube every minute? Content creation has become a war zone and the fight is not just among the competitors anymore, but also with the consumers. 

We have two words for you that are your answer to tackling this content monster – Content Factory!


When we hear the term factory, big machines, and assembly lines producing endless products come to mind. Well, a content factory is not very different from a real factory, except there are no big machines, just your average-sized human beings working with SOPs on the likes of an assembly line.

A content factory is a careful orchestration of people who streamline all the processes that surround content creation to produce and maintain a stream of high-quality content. And Nextdot is your always-on content factory!

Let’s take an example to understand the concept of the content factory better. Let’s assume you’re a merchandise e-commerce brand. You will need a steady supply of hundreds of images, product descriptions, social media posts, and whatnot on an hourly basis. We will provide you a factory setup to create and maintain this stream of bulk content you require every day. What we mean by factory set-up is an agile team consisting of designers, animators, language experts, content and copywriters, and managers, in a well-designed hierarchy, who will be sitting in front of their computer screens across different parts of the country, with a process custom-designed to your need to maintain the timely flow of content your brand needs. In simple terms, you provide us the raw material, which goes into our content factory, and the resultant product is the content you need.

What comprises a content factory?

Set of digital tools that allow quick content creation, editing, & management + Readily available teams waiting to be plugged into the system + Expertise on the use of tools & management of team = Digital Content Factory 

The entire process flow supported by custom online tools to make it streamlined 


We can easily expand the collection of your existing content cost-effectively, and the resulting content will be easily integrated into whichever content management platform you use. We work on the system of instant approval, i.e., our managers will be ready to get your approval on the content which is created before it’s made available to your audience. No matter how complicated an industry, Nextdot’s team of experts is always ready to jump into the content factory.

Taking a modular approach to content production

The modular approach arrives from the idea of simplifying complex operations. We define a module as a piece of content that comprises different small units. For example – a combination of images and text that are meant to be delivered together to deliver the complete message. Our content creators treat each unit as a modular building block, which is composed together depending on the need and the channel to be published on. 

Solution Verticals:

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L&D Content:

Learning and development (L&D) content is created with the primary responsibility of developing the people, in a way that supports other key business priorities. Current scenarios have demanded a change in the L&D content from the old classroom way of teaching to a more digital approach. With the evolving roles of the employee, evolves the L&D content and as well, and the content factory allows you to keep up with the quick changes.

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Content Modernization:

With the various developmental changes, the format of content consumption has changed drastically over the years. Every organization has a compilation of data from over the years but not necessarily in the required formats. This is where our content factory comes into play, to modernize the years-old data into modern formats which is compatible with every different type of content management system.

Content Command Centre:

Many organizations, especially like the above-mentioned example of merchandise e-commerce, have a continuous demand for a very high volume of quality content regularly. Such content needs are impossible to achieve without a dedicated effort that comes from a content factory comprised of a careful orchestration of people who hold expertise in curating different types of content as per the need. Get your dedicated set of experts working 24*7 and fighting the real-time content war for you, across channels.