What is the role of design in marketing?

Any content you put out for the audience to see conveys a message about your brand, be it creatives for social media, themes of the website, or something else. Similarly, when it comes to marketing, the design does the same job by:


  • directing the viewer’s eye
  • ensures your message resonates with the audience
  • support the campaigns 
  • makes your story impactful 
  • drives conversion 

What is a design factory?

Designing bulk content for different types of platforms needs a streamlined process lead by a team of talented artists who are passionate about creating a unique design for every project to grab the attention of a multitude of audiences, and that’s exactly what Nextdot means by a design factory. 

Just like the assembly line of a factory, we provide you with an agile team of designers, animators, language experts, content and copywriters, and managers in a well-designed hierarchy, following a process customized to meet your needs, who are sitting in front of their computer screens to give life to your ideas. 

Design Factory

Why do you need a design factory?

In this digital age, in order to connect with every last audience, it requires businesses to be present on every platform that their audience is present on. Different platforms require different content, designed specifically for that platform. To meet this bulk need of content, businesses need a factory-type setup that works like automated machinery to timely produce quality content which will keep the audience engaged. 


Nextdot presents you with a design factory of a carefully selected team of artists who work tirelessly to create eye-catching designs customized to the platforms.