Hyperlocal Marketing: Reaching The Real Last Mile

The approach to marketing your product or service on a local level has undergone a major change. The paradigm has shifted from inserting banners and small print ads to targeting the people specific to their location. We’re talking about the targeting precise to blocks or even streets.  

No, the hyperlocal techniques don’t sabotage your marketing efforts by making them too narrow, instead, it makes your marketing more efficient by targeting the prospective customer right where they are. Read ahead to have a detailed look into what is hyperlocal marketing and how you, as a business can leverage it for your benefits.  

What is Hyperlocal Marketing?

Focusing your marketing and advertising efforts on a specific geographical location, sometimes just a few blocks or streets is known as hyperlocal marketing. Often the intention is targeting the people conducting “near me” searches on their devices. 

The main goal of hyperlocal marketing is to increase the foot traffic in the retail stores, hence the targeting of “near me” searches.  

How are Big brands leveraging it?

Hyperlocal marketing is not limited to any specific type of business. The biggest brands in Indian like Hero MotoCorp are employing hyperlocal marketing strategies to increase the foot traffic in their local dealerships and increase sales, and they are successfully achieving great results. 

Hero still does nationwide advertising through TVCs but each of its dealerships has to be marketed as a brand in itself to the local audience. Through hyperlocal techniques, Hero dealerships target their audience in a specific radius. 

What should small businesses do? 

Hyperlocal marketing means to target your marketing efforts to a small and specific audience, and if you’re a small business without a large online audience, hyperlocal marketing is your way towards growth. 

Hyperlocal techniques like geo-targeting and ad retargeting can increase the foot traffic in your retail stores.      

What does reaching the last mile with hyperlocal mean?

Every brand aims to reach its very last customer through its marketing efforts but that’s not possible with just broad marketing techniques. 

Like we said before hyperlocal marketing helps to target an audience specific to blocks or streets even. When your overall marketing efforts meet the hyperlocal strategies it allows you to reach your audience to the last mile and reduces the chance of leaving any prospective customer behind. 

Humans vs bots, what’s better behind the screen? 

With the help of advanced tools, marketing efforts can be automated, like automated responses to messages on Facebook. Although these tools could be more cost-effective, they’re still not advanced enough to replace the humans behind the screen. 

For successful hyperlocal marketing, you need people for real-time responses to the audience queries and more importantly, people to communicate in the language your audience is comfortable in, to give them the real local experience. 

Hyperlocal marketing is a strategy for success that your business shouldn’t miss. Enhance your brand presence by impacting your local audience, and increasing brand engagement by employing the correct hyperlocal strategies.