Hype Creation Before Launch | $2.5 Cr Egg


“The value is always in the eye of the beholder. What is worthless to one person may be very important to someone else”- So too is hype.

So for a better understanding, I will divide hype into two broad categories:

The hype that always converts and hype that rarely will.

We’ve all been exposed to these hype creation Social Media campaign. For example, we’re constantly pounded by hype modifiers screaming: sale, cheapest, fastest, effortless, exceptional, special, wide-ranging… and so forth. Which attracts people and grab their eyeballs.

And sometimes, the ever obligatory and tired: “your income will rise instantly” or “Wash away fat and Years of Age”.

Of course, these examples stand out as hype–primarily because they’re easily recognized as less than believable, factual or arguable. And are, therefore, quickly discounted and ignored by most people.

But in the 21st century, if these words help people in selling their services or products, there is nothing wrong if indeed there is a positive thought behind it.

Where we run into problems though–and where hype gets a bad reputation is when hype stands by itself–naked and exposed to consumer scepticism.

Our experience with Hype Creation

As a part of Adda 52 TVC campaign with Chris Gayle. We partnered with them to create the pre-launch buzz on social media platforms.

To determine what type of strategy we should follow we asked about their influencer strategy and used a set of criteria’s.

We looked at the following:

  • Demographics of the social media channel?
  • Demographics of the influencer’s social media following?
  • Current affairs, topics which were trending?
  • Emotionally connecting issues
  • Using numbers in the posts

Alright, buckle up. Let’s dive in!

Buckle up!

This social media campaign is a pre-launch curiosity creation among the fans, it’s a campaign whose goal is to increase the curiosity among the users about how to use your brain better in the poker game. We made digital creatives and GIFs  around the trending topics like:

The basic idea was to engage the audience in these gimmicks created with the help of these posts. Which ultimately going to help in increasing the following base of Adda 52.

Engagement From Campaign


You guessed it-yes, of course, above infographics got a lot of engagement. How much? 90,000 views, 50,000 reactions and comments. That’s a lot of engagement.

As for the conclusion, the campaign was a success as we can see huge media channels talked about it on their blogs like Quint and Afaqs.

So the bottom line is when you finally do present your hype–you should keep in mind that your Ad Campaign should not be mistaken for a wrong kind of hype.

But rather it will be seen as an illustrative and precise statement of the easily perceived and the undeniable hype of the good kind. If executed skillfully, your hype will also have the added benefit of becoming a brand wagon.

And that’s the best hype of all–when your customer agrees with, acts upon, and even advocates on behalf of you.