How the fitness Industry Should Make Full Use Of User Generated Content?

For the fitness Industry, standing out in a fundamentally competitive and rapidly growing market is no easy task. With the constant growth of the Fitness industry, gyms and boutiques are all gathering to social media to promote their businesses. In 2019, a solid Social-marketing strategy is vital for growing your business – doubly so for fitness experts to increase their social media presence.

It is the visual marketing content which reaches the young TG,  drives in memberships and sales for the fitness industry.

The glamour of having a chiseled body and the fear of being unfit, are both being depicted through visual content and have an even greater impact when endorsed by an influencer. 

Who Are The Users??? 

Every single day your own customers are using social media for uploading photos and videos and they are checking in to your locations from their social accounts, telling their connections about their fitness life. They are also joining different Facebook Groups to connect with fitness subgroups for information, progress and even organizing workout sessions. 

 Apart from your direct user’s other users can be your staff like fitness trainers, and other employs who are using the gym. And you are privileged if some influencers live near your facility and are your regular member. If they are posting content on their handle it will be going to reach their audience and benefit your business.

How Can We Leverage The Same Content??

  • Share (With Permission): 

When you are sharing your user’s post on your business page. You are actually boosting his popularity which will motivate him to influence others. By this, you are indirectly creating urge into his friend’s circle of working out, looking good and want that advantage of getting featured on your page. You can really give the boost to your business by these practices.

  • Riding On Customer Advocacy:

Customer advocacy emphasizes on getting your existing customers to talk about your company and its product or services. Data shows that more than 80 % of the people search online before buying and having people advocating about your business or products really increases the possibility that those researchers will come back to you. 

  • Stories, The Bestway For Multiple Engagements Daily:

Instagram stories can multiply your engagement instantly. More than 500 million accounts interact with stories every day. And Instagram analytics provide you tools which can tell you how your viewers are interacting with your stories. You can plan the delivery of your post by analyzing the reports. The best part is you don’t have to hire someone to shoot. You are getting it ready without any efforts saving lots of money and time also.

  • Viral-ability:

Work on the text of your post share content that creates amusement and awe moment into your viewers. Images work very well to make your content look good. If you will do it right, who knows if you will get lucky, someone boasts about your social media handling of showing your clients hard work on your pages. These strategies sometimes get easily viral. if that happens it will be really worth it for your business.

Who Are Doing It Right???

1. Any Time Fitness:

Instagram Handle and Stats:

This fitness center is boosting Inspiration of a lot of people. With simple and beautiful IG posts of their clients, they are really doing their job well.

2. Shredz Women:

Instagram Handle and Stats:

They share the content of their client who is using their products. Making women stronger with their products, diet plans, and exercise tutorial. Content is very engaging and they have achieved the huge following in very less time.


In today’s time, you can easily succeed if you know how to handle your digital marketing channels. Who is doing it right are ruling the market share. Be aware of what’s happening in the industry and don’t hesitate to adapt. But be aware not every strategy should be the same for every business change it according to your audience and goals. So be creative and try to grab a piece of that market shares with the above practices.