Fortis YouTube ( 0 to 40K Subscribers)

About the Brand:

Fortis Hospital, Mumbai, is one of the leading healthcare providers in India. The hospital offers various medical services, including cardiology, oncology, neurology, and orthopaedics. Fortis Hospital is renowned for having top-notch facilities and highly skilled healthcare experts.


To establish the YouTube channel of Fortis Hospital

ls Mumbai as a reliable source of all medical information and build a strong online presence. 


Following are some of the challenges faced by a healthcare brand YouTube channel trying to reach an audience based on informational videos: 

Campaign idea:

To reach a broader audience, a broad content category is essential. Dividing the videos into categories like – keyword targeting, engaging topics, medical procedures, patient testimonials, byte-sized informational videos (shorts), live Q&A sessions, etc., allows to target the audience from multiple directions and reach a wider subset.   

It is also important to direct the doctors to speak in a language that resonates with the audience and hence keeps them engaged.

Active SEO and video optimization are required in terms of title formation and eye-catching thumbnail designs to reach the right audience and get their attention. 

(thumbnail images + title – embed)


The Fortis Mumbai channel leapt in terms of subscriber count from 0 to 40,000 within 15 months. 

(subscriber graph screenshot)

With multiple videos reaching a mark of million+ views, and numerous crossing the 100k+ mark, the channel is on the course of steady growth with 19k views per day and 2.5k subscribers per month.

(overall views screenshot)

Additionally, the hospital saw patients reaching out to doctors for their health-related needs after coming across their videos on YouTube.