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Are you not able to increase your social traffic?

Are you wondering what new tactics you should use that will get you best engagement?

Instagram Stories are a very effective and free way to engage with your audience, even if they aren’t seeing your posts in their feed.

We understand that managing Instagram stories on a regular basis is a tedious task. It involves a lot of Content creation, Designing and as per studies most of the people use Instagram in a time frame between 7 pm to 10 pm. This “off working” hour frame makes it a bit tiresome job. But the kind of engagement you can get from this is huge.

  1. There are over 500 Million peoples who are watching Instagram stories every day, so you have to engage with them to increase your engagement.
  2. Most of the businesses on Instagram put at least one story every week.
  3. Almost one out of a third of most viewed stories are from businesses.
  4. You can also see insights of each story you post.

where to find insights


In insights, you can check out Impressions, Reach, Taps Forward, Taps back, Replies, Swipe Away, Exits, and Next Story.

In this Article, we will share with you those ideas which we used ourself over the period of time by managing many Instagram accounts, you can also leverage from this cool format to boost your traffic.

Are you ready to learn more? Now we’re going to take a deep dive into some of the best strategies and proven tips for getting more views & using this Instagram stories format.

How to get more engagement?

If you want to build a large audience base for your stories – think of your stories like a magazine.
You have to make your stories lively and engaging. Keep a check on the engagement and make sure people are actually watching them too!

Tips to get more views on your stories:

  • Use Storyboards to create Structure:

So now you are ready to create a story and collected all the required content, photos, and videos. When you decide to create a storyboard of your content you are actually planning to present your ideas in an organized manner which will tell a bit more about your business and services.

You also have to make sure when you are building the board try to plan the beginning, middle, and end to your story post. By doing this you will be engaging more with your viewers.

This also means yours exist rates will be more as viewers are engaging till the end with your stories. Keep creating new content for your storyboard so that your audience will not get bored.

  • Associate with Other Influencers on Instagram:

Are you struggling with content creation and worrying about what to do?

Try collaborating with the other Instagram users or Influencers to get a different perspective

There are so many options, you can co-design a product, host an Instagrammer to takeover on your stories, or simply lead an Instagram Live with another brand, collaboration projects are a great way to build new audiences and keep your followers engaged with a different set of perspective.
In the post below its an example of paid partnership between revlonprocanada and carajourdon.

Use Influencers to boost traffic

Influencer Marketing

You can also gift your product samples to influencers and they can talk about it on their pages.
Always keep in mind before collaborating with anyone keep a look at the kind of audience they have. Your partnership should be mutually beneficial and something both of your audience would like to watch.

  • Using Hashtags on Your Stories:

If you want to increase the number of views on your stories try using the hashtags related to your post which people will be searching for.

It is a great way to increase the chances of your post will be discovered by most peoples. Because people search for popular hashtags on Instagram and they will be able to see the active stories on that hashtag page, including your own.

People follow Hashtags so use them


There is a limit of 10 hashtags on posts, or one using the Hashtag Sticker. They can hide them under GIFs or change the color of hashtag text so it blends with the background. So, Now you don’t have any reason to not add a hashtag to your next story!

  • Use Insights to Know when your Audience is Most Engaged in your post:

 If you keep a check on when your audience is watching your stories, you will be increasing the chances of more views on your post.

If you will be able to identify the time when your audience is seeing your post. You can plan and schedule your post accordingly.
You can start by looking at Instagram Insights — an Instagram business profile page gives you access to Instagram’s native analytics, where you can see some great metrics and insights on your follower’s behaviors of watching your post.

use insights to check your followers behaviour


When it comes to stories its quite difficult to figure out exactly when your stories posts received the most views with just Instagram Insights alone. So if you are on their Later paid plan, you have access to 3 months’ worth of Instagram Stories analytics and if you will compare it with Instagram Insights it offers only 2 weeks. For each post, you can track by looking at the spikes in your view rates throughout the day and you can learn from these metrics which is the best time to post for your audience.

  • Use Question Sticker to Start a Conversation:

Question stickers give an opportunity to your followers to connect with you and its a great thing to make them feel that you are approachable.
You can ask about anything like giving advice, query or ask them to share their thoughts. Try anything which you think, through which you can engage them on a deeper level.

use question stickers to engage with your audience

Question Stickers

Crowdsourcing your ideas with the help of these stickers is a very fantastic way. You can also take feedback about your products or services and improve on that.


Instagram stories are the most homegrown format that is getting popular day by day and proven to provide great results for businesses. As we already talked about different strategies and a number of unique metrics for this format, that is needed to be track and analyzed to improve every campaign. Try yourself by applying these tricks on your Instagram page and increase your traffic.