What brings more value, Trust OR Reach ? In Influencer Marketing

What brings more value, Trust OR Reach ? In Influencer Marketing

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Trust and Authenticity is a must in Influencer Marketing. If you are planning to succeed in the world of Influencer Marketing, you should not always be relying on your reach driven strategy. Engagement, Trust and Authenticity are equally important. The needs of consumer evolve, so Influencer marketing has to evolve to match up with those needs.

Let’s have a view on what are the different important parameters which are involved when we are selecting an Influencer for our brand. Is it face, name, or popularity? 

Or sum all that up and focus on the two aspects-

What is more, Important Trust or Reach !!!!

Your Influencer strategy should include some elements that give your brand the opportunity to build trust with your customers – they can offer real-talk, useful information and some personal experience with your products or services. You can only expect conversions when people begin to recognize and see your brand at the right place and with the right Influencer which can complement your product or services. It doesn’t matter if the influencer has a huge reach or not. But if he has a small community but more engagement then he is the right fit for you. 54 % of consumers believe the smaller the community, the bigger the influence.  

To get this right you need to focus on your Influencer marketing strategies. Which we will be discussing further:

Line up your brand with the right influencers:

Who is the “Right Influencer”? He is someone who –

  • Is trustworthy
  • He should share the excitement when they get your product.
  • Have good follower engagement, means at least 10 percent of their total followers are liking and commenting on their posts.


Dwayne Johnson is doing really good with Under Armour. He actually engages with his audience so well. If you will find someone with this parameter you will make a good long term relationship with that influencer.



1. Stop doing one-off tactics:

You have to stop if you are always going after new influencers. That’s going to engage a lot of your time, energy and money spent. You should think long term instead. Try to find someone whom you can trust and build a relationship, work with them for a while. If you will do this it will create a good relationship between you and the Influencer, and ultimately with your consumers.

2. Differentiate:

You need to differentiate your brand with the help of your influencer and both of you should find out how you can deliver value and provide a profitable result without losing authenticity. Successful Influencers marketing is all about trust. If you look at the fact only 22 % of brands are trusted. So you really need to take care of this whenever you are going to use this for your next marketing campaign.

3. Genuineness:

If you find an authentic influencer, he will not just talk about your product and services because he is getting paid for that. He might have used it himself before he came into partnership with the brand. He will even continue to talk about it after the campaign is over. This behavior of influencer brings authenticity and genuineness in them. And they should maintain it even after they become highly popular. 61 % of women won’t engage with an influencer’s sponsored content if it doesn’t feel genuine. So that’s why it becomes even more important. Their audience also looks up to them for their advice and reviews about the product or tip they are sharing.

4. Consistency:

Many Social media creators is a bit unorganized with their content scheduling, posting, etc. Sponsoring these creators may be risky for your business as they may not deliver posts on time. And in addition, they tend to limit their growth, because their audience is not aware when to tune in to watch their latest content upload.

Influencers who post their content frequently and work as per the schedule are more trustworthy for brands and their audience engagement is high comparatively. Which will also maximize the potential of your Influencer Marketing. 



I can agree with you that Reach is something which is considered to be told campaign is looked upon it. But if you only look at the reach and didn’t take care of the other aspects that reach can do more harm then good. And until your Influencer doesn’t fulfill all the points the campaign will struggle to become successful. And lastly, review all your results and fine-tune your strategies with the interests and responses of your customers. After all, the customer is always right.