Hero MotoCorp

About the Brand:

Hero MotoCorp is a worldwide known brand. In 2001, Hero achieved the coveted position of being the largest two-wheeler manufacturing company in India and also, the ‘World No.1’ two-wheeler company in terms of unit volume sales in a calendar year. Hero MotoCorp Ltd. continues to maintain this position to date.


A broad marketing campaign for multiple dealerships of Hero, specifically designed to reach every last person of the tier 3 population to create awareness, generate engagement, and leads.


One of the biggest contributors to Hero’s success is the tier 3 sector of India, to whom the affordable yet quality bikes and scooters cater the most. The type of content that the tier 3 audience consumes is very different from the content that is favored by the top tiers. Also, in tier 3 towns the local automobile dealer is a local brand in itself.

Campaign Idea

Hero conducts the sales for its products through dealerships, and usually, there’s a dealership for specific towns and small cities. Through “hyper-local marketing”, the process of targeting prospective customers in a highly specific, geographically restricted area, sometimes just a few blocks or streets, each dealership can target its own small radius of the audience through Facebook ads.


With a calculated budget of 6,000 per dealership, we generate vernacular content for 18 dealerships of Hero and run area and demographic-specific ads on Facebook. The response to all the engagement on Facebook is immediate and personalized replies in the local language the audience feels comfortable communicating in and not just automated replies for all.

Through hyperlocal marketing, the brand equity for each dealership was increased and so was their reach in the area. From June 2019 – June 2020, the total engagement on Facebook was about 2 million. At least 4 bikes and/or scooters are sold by every dealership per month which results in a revenue of 2.3L to 2.5L per month.