A Fitness Brand’s Digital Presence: An Indian Perspective

Now, the Digital Presence of any brand is a new normal. So the health and fitness sector is not an exception that can be left out. Everything is digital now webinars, dieticians, workout plans and fitness classes. So if you don’t want to left out you should be aware of these practices and start implementing in your business. There is a plethora of information about this industry which is accessible because of extensive digital marketing.

Digital Marketing With Indian Mindset:

You don’t have to be an expert to know that different people have a different mindset. And to grab customers in a new market that too in different geographic locations can be tricky so you have to plan your strategy carefully. Ask yourself different questions like: What is your focus point? What medium to prioritize? How to target your audience? How to grab the eyeballs?

In recent times surprisingly and fortunately, India’s fit generation is very actively growing day by day. There is a huge potential in the market. You can follow this wave to grab that growing market of the fitness industry. But you have to use a unique strategy because of the Multiple moments of truth we Indians have. Let’s talk about this:

Multiple Moments Of Truth:

This term means there is an opportunity for an organization to make a difference whenever they are interacting with a customer. If we say that “moment of truth” is an opportunity in which an organization has to make an impression on a customer. Then there are touchpoints every human has if you press them that will help in getting those impressions. Well, it is very important that the company improve its customer experience as a whole, but defining those moments of truth and working to improve them can really do improvements to the customer journey.

The process of buying something has changed. Now, people don’t just buy a product. It’s about forecasting memorable experiences from your favorite brand. There are multiple moments of truth with the Indian buyer like:

  • First, they see a brand.
  • Then they research it.
  • Take friends and relatives suggestions.
  • Will visit your store.
  • Compare prices with different brands.
  • Then final anything.

So in this long journey, you have to give importance to each of the moments and plan your strategy accordingly.

Youtube Usage In Indian Marketing:

Indian fitness YouTubers have changed the entire game. Youtube has provided such a big audience for every business. It’s essential for the fitness industry because it’s driven by the visual content. There are more than 30 million fitness videos on youtube and plenty more on different social media platforms. There are so many people who have gained the status of fitness king and queen. When they started they don’t have any star status, professional equipment or any kind of production house. They are simply making videos on their smartphones and uploading them on youtube. Now they are doing so well. Let’s talk about some Influencers.

Who Are Micro-Influencers:

There are so many people who started on youtube early and now have gained so much of following on social media. They upload content regularly and everything they upload gets lots of engagement and likes.

Some examples who are running their youtube channels so well.

  • Beer Biceps:

Youtube Subscriber: 2.1 Million

BeerBiceps by Ranveer Allahbadia is your ultimate Indian YouTube channel for everything from fashion to fitness to life coaching to motivational videos.

  • Guru Mann:

Youtube Subscriber: 1.6 Million

Guru Mann, the world’s first fitness professional who has launched 30+ free complete fitness programs with exercise and nutrition videos on the internet.

These have so much potential to promote your brand. But choose wisely which represents your brand well and can convey the message as you want him to.

What attracts new members?

Digital marketing can play a very important role in getting new members for your business. For that, you need a strategy which doesn’t look pushy or pricey. In India you can use certain content to show to your new members which might attract them are:

  • People are cautious about the crowd of the gym. So you can talk about your gentry through your posts.
  • Boast about the facilities you are providing like a sauna, steam, towels, cafeteria, and lounge, etc.
  • Don’t compete with your prices very frequently it can heart your brand image.
  • Create a sense of community that makes the environment of your gym so friendly and helpful that people don’t feel they are in a gym. Introduce different classes and push them hard to achieve their goals.
  •  Add value-added services in your packages like free diet consultant and Personal training sessions, make them believe that they are getting more in less.



Well, don’t sit quite after selling a membership. Customer satisfaction has to be your top priority. Keep engaging with them by asking about their experience. Keep a review management system for your clients. So that you can get to know if something is wrong.

Digital marketing presence is very important because of its reach. Just keep in mind your audience you are serving.